Last updated: 2007-Mar-08

2007-Mar-08: A year has passed...
Hi there. Yes, its me, and I just like to say that I'm still alive and so does "The ninth Galaxy". But it was hibernating for a long time, whereas I concentrated on my studies in the real life. Sorry to all who kept watching this site just to find everything frozen. From now on I'll try to keep you at least up to date, even if I didn't code anything.
In the next two weeks I'll upload a new pre-alpha version, including a help screen and lot's of bugfixes. I am also working on a big planet terrain online creation algorithm, which will allow you to land on planets, but thats a difficult piece of code and will be something for the first alpha release.

2006-Mar-08: Lightning strikes
A couple of days ago I played around with the graphics engine and switched on the light: Now my game supports Dynamic Lightning. I've added some Screenshots to show the improvements. As you can see, I am also thinking about planet landing (see ontimaxe.jpg), and I finally arranged it to label the gauges of the cockpit console. The next version will also include a help screen to make it easier to get into T9G. After some debugging, it'll be online.

2006-Feb-15: Tadaa!
Have a look at Download to try the very 1st alpha.

2006-Feb-14: ...
Sorry to everyone who's waiting. I'll need one more day to launch my game. Tomorrow it will be online, I promise!

2006-Feb-08: News
It's been a while since I've filled this page with something new. I had stuff to do in my real life in a galaxy called the milky way. And this will even continue until Monday, 13th. But I've promised you something in the download section. So I'd like to make an announcement:
On Tuesday, February 14th 2006, you'll be able to download my first alpha. This is actually more than the shooter I've promised, cause I've realized that the space shooter is at a very early stage and it isn't really worth debugging it anymore. Instead, I'm taking what I am working on right now and try to make it look beauty till Tuesday.
@Dover: Thanks for being my first guest in my guestbook :)

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