This website is to present my space trading game "The ninth Galaxy", which is based on the classic arcade game "Elite" by Ian Bell and David Braben. I've just started this page, but I've been programming on the game for almost one year within my leisure time. It is a 100% hobby project, and till now there's just me working on it (maybe that is changing soon, if somebody's interested in artworking, feel free to email me (t9g@jameson.e4ward.com).

Here are the milestones for my project:

  1. Create a little space shooter where your task is it to destroy as many space ships as possible within a given time. [DONE] :)
  2. Reengineer the classic game Elite(tm) until there's a fully playable and fun game. that doesn't necessarily mean that it has every detail from the original copied exactly.
  3. Create something really new. While programming, I always get ideas what could be nice for the game and should be possible to implement. Some small things that go beyond elite are already implemented, like space ships that can dock onto coriolis stations. maybe there is an Elite version that can already do that - I don't know - I grew up with Elite PC and Elite Plus.

This site is part of the Elite Ring.

The Elite Ring

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